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MASTERCLASS Navigating Grant Funding - All The Numbers Bits

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This is not to be missed if you plan on applying for some grant funding in the future and want to ensure your numbers support your business case for receiving the funding so you can bring that awesome project idea to life.

In this masterclass we will cover:
🌟Funding options for small business owners

🌟Tracking down suitable grant funds to apply to

🌟 Letting the numbers tell the story

🌟 Savvy grant number's tips and avoiding common pitfalls

I will be sharing my experience both from a perspective of having supported my clients to successfully apply for and manage a range of grants.

And uniquely I have been on the 'other side of the table', representing grant issuing bodies - reviewing applicants and stress testing their numbers and business cases.

 INVESTMENT: £24 (£20 + VAT)

 Remember if you have access to Harriet's Finance Learning Wonderland (currently open to 1:1 clients and course participants) you can access this workshop for FREE! Simply head to the FLW resource page for the link.