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Neurodivergent Finance Workshop Series

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Blissful Small Biz Finance Workshops

Especially for Numbers-Adverse Brains!

 An inclusive and neurodivergent-friendly workshop series designed  for busy, creative minds 😫🧠🌶️🤩

A fresh take on my previous classes, evolving with your input and feedback for a unique and enjoyable experience that will transform how you feel about business numbers!

This series is delivered through three 40 minute workshops:

  Workshop 1: Spicy Small Biz Finance Routines - Turning The Mundane ‘should dos’ Into Magic 🪄
 Workshop 2: Money Mindset Makeover - From Feeling Freaked Out by Finances To Thrive As Your Own Boss ✨
 Workshop 3: Budgeting Brilliance - Creative Finance Planning To Bring Your Amm-azing Biz Ideas To Life 🙌

 INVESTMENT: £36 (£30 + VAT)

 Remember if you have access to Harriet's Finance Learning Wonderland (currently open to 1:1 clients and course participants) you can access this workshop for FREE! Simply head to the FLW resource page for the link.