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Down-to-Earth Finance Routines for Purpose-Driven Creators 

Join us for an Empowering Workshop on Impactful Money Practices for Heart-Led Free Spirits

Freelancers: Let's Create a Finance System That Actually Works!

Learn a simple monthly system to manage your business finances and eliminate the stress of tax returns

Money Mindset for Creative Entrepreneurs

We delve into the psychology and practical tips of transforming our money mindset as creative business owners.

Scaling Your Small Business: Achieving Aligned Growth Without Working 24/7

Ways to scale that align with your unique aspirations and dreams and importantly allow you freedom to do what you set out to do!

Navigating Grant Funding - All The Numbers Bits

Enable your numbers support your business case for receiving the funding so you can bring that awesome project idea to life.

Mastering The Art of Pricing & Profitability

I know getting into the details of pricing and profits freaks you out...  But not addressing it also keeps you awake at night! So let's change things up and approach it a little more creatively!


 An inclusive and neurodivergent-friendly workshop series designed  for busy, creative minds 😫🧠🌶️🤩

A fresh take on my previous classes, evolving with your input and feedback for a unique and enjoyable experience that will transform how you feel about business numbers!


Spicy Small Biz Finance Routines: Turning The Mundane ‘should dos’ Into Magic


 Money Mindset Makeover - From Feeling Freaked Out by Finances To Thrive As Your Own Boss 


 Budgeting Brilliance - Creative Finance Planning To Bring Your Amm-azing Biz Ideas To Life


Self Employed Tutorial on Managing Your Bank Accounts

A practical method for setting up your personal and business bank accounts, to help you organise your money, pay yourself and save for taxes (and fun stuff!)

When to Begin With Self Employed Pensions

Because pensions are confusing and scary and it looks like people in employed jobs get all the perks… But did you know there are some cool options for self employed business owners? 

Backwards Budgeting - It's More Forward Thinking Than It Sounds!

A more personal approach to business budgeting - that step by step guide helps you to figure out exactly how you will cover your bills and build your dreams. 

Applying Knowledge of Money Scripts for effective & Ethical Selling


Income & Expenses Tracker

Step into financial confidence with an easy-to-use financial tracker - Designed especially for UK Sole Traders, Founders, and Freelancers.

12 Month Cashflow Forecast Template

This cashflow template empowers you to anticipate, plan, and confidently manage your business's financial future with ease.

13 Week Cashflow Template

Gain clarity with a weekly overview of your cash position over 3 months - so handy when things are tight!

Brilliant Budget Template

Plan for your business success with a budget for 12 or 24 months. 

Backwards Budgeting Template

Reverse engineer your numbers! It’s simpler than you think to reach your goals.



Monthly Finance Checklist

 Feel confident with managing your finances, feeling abundant and avoid the annual stress of sorting your tax return, with the support of this checklist!

Get It Done Finance Hour!

This is what I would do if I just had one hour a month to sort my business finances 

Work From Home Calculator - for Soletraders

To help Soletraders easily calculate (and maximise) their working from home expenses.

Work From Home Calculator - For Company Directors

Discover how to charge rent of office space when you work from home as a LTD Co Director.

Mileage Tracker

 A handy template to help you (and your employees) track and claim for business journey’s in your personal vehicles.

Awesome Hourly Rates Calculator

Tired of second-guessing your worth? Discover what you should really be charging...

Get Paid On Time - Every Time!

A Cheatsheet Help You Eliminate Late Payment Hassles and Boost Cashflows!