A 6-Week Transformational Programme Designed for Heart-led Business Owners


Flourish Financially: From Confusion to Confidence, Disillusioned to Aligned ūüíę

As you embark on a Holistic Journey to Purposeful Profits. Revolutionising Your Money Mindset, Healing Financial Wounds, and Amplifying Your Impact.

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You've always felt it haven't you? 


Your work has never been transactional. Your calling interweaves with compassion and authenticity. Serving, giving, showing up, and helping others lights your inner fire. With every step, your business pulses with purpose.

It's no wonder the financial side of business leaves you cold. Because going after the money, striving for profit can feel like the enemy of purpose. And you're not alone. Many heartfelt, sensitive founders, who found their vocation in crafting their own venture struggle to align earnings with ethics.  Because money seems to have a lot to answer for seemingly a cause of so many ills in the world.

But what if you could stay true to yourself while thriving financially? By overcoming money blocks, you could share your gifts more fully. You could amplify your impact and touch more lives.

Together, we can tune into a new frequency. One where healing your money relationship brings collective good. We'll blend heart-centered financial strategies with understanding your unique money blocks. We'll transform mindset and give you practical tools to enable profits and purpose to harmoniously co-exist.

When money flows abundantly into caring hands, wonderous outcomes unfold. Are you ready?


I'm SO ready for this!





It's an absolute delight to meet you...

I'm Harriet Formby MA ACA, an ICAEW Chartered Accountant, Fractional CFO, Business Growth Specialist and passionately holistic Finance Coach. Founder of Below The Line Finance and Get Number Savvy.

Harriet exists in a unique intersection, where the logical world of finance meets the boundless creative world of potential. With one foot firmly planted in the realm of numbers, budgets, and strategic financial planning, and the other in the ethereal landscape of dreams, innovations, and artistic expression, she embodies the rare blend of a pragmatic visionary.

This duality allows her to navigate the complexities of financial management with the precision of an accountant, while also embracing the fluidity and unpredictability of creative processes. Harriet's ability to fluently speak the language of both finance and creativity enables her to unlock opportunities that lie hidden at the crossroads of commerce and art. She serves as a bridge, translating fiscal discipline into creative growth and impact, guiding the heart-led free spirits towards realising their visions in a financially abundant framework. 

Harriet is dedicated to empowering business owners to transform their purpose-driven journey into a financial success story - with a healthy sprinkle of feel-good vibes! ✨

Whether you are a founder, creator, or business owner, she will help you craft a rock solid financial foundation, and align your business strategy for sustainable, impactful success.

Her passion is all about helping purpose-led entrepreneurs (just like you!) to not just survive but thrive with their business numbers, turning healthy profits and cash flows into your superpower for positive impact. 

So step into this inclusive and supportive environment where you can turn your wildest business dreams into a glistening reality¬†ūüíę



How many times have you experienced?


ūüėü¬†Feeling¬†like you just want to run away from and totally avoid¬†the financial side of your business.

ūüėü¬†Conflicted with profitability when it seems so at odds with being ethical.

ūüėü Overwhelmed by money¬†topics and scared to look at your bank account.

¬†ūüėü Hesitant or unable to invest in¬†support, but frustratingly stuck without being able to take the leap.

ūüėü¬†Anxiously riding a¬†rollercoaster¬†of unpredictable income flows.

ūüėü¬†Agonising over your pricing and seemingly¬†losing money left right and centre.

ūüėü Pouring your heart into your work, over-delivering without seeing 'enough' financial return.

ūüėü Working endless hours, with little or no free time to enjoy yourself and really switch off.

ūüėü¬†Wishing you could¬†support more wholesome, ethical brands and local companies but¬†your budget won't stretch.

I don't want to feel like this anymore

Together, we will unlock a holistic approach to profits and business growth. One that blends heart-centered financial strategies with a trauma-informed approach. This understanding will help heal your money blocks and give you the confidence to create your dreams.




Let's end this tug-of-war between profit and purpose, because it doesn't have to be a choice, there is a way to blend both seamless.  So your business can  financially flourish whilst staying true to it's core essence. This is your ticket to an intentional, impactful, and joy-filled life.

In this programme we'll map out a holistic approach to dissolve money blocks, forge a financial strategy in tune with your values, and lay the groundwork for purpose-driven growth.

Over six transformative weeks, we will:

  • Cultivate a money confident mindset,¬†re-imagining finance as a force for good.
  • Turn past financial frictions into fuel for growth by tackling money blocks head-on.
  • Figure out how to navigate existing in a¬†capitalist world¬†while staying true to your values.
  • Heal from past collective financial traumas, setting a clean slate for future¬†wealth.
  • Empower¬†ourselves with practical and aligned financial planning tools that are easy to apply and effective in outcome.
  • Redefine' leadership' by aligning financial strategy with heart-felt empathy, empowering you to lead from a place of both strength and compassion.

Join me on this journey to align the soul of your work with the success it deserves.

I'm all in!


Cultivating A Financial Empowerment Mindset

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Demystifying & Moving Beyond Money Blocks



Read More


Profits With A Pulse: Defying The Capitalist Carnage


Read More


Healing Individual & Collective Financial Trauma 


Read More


Holistic Approach To Budgets & Financial Planning


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The Intuitive CEO: Balancing Strategy with Soul


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"I loved this course from Harriet, I truly feel that it has transformed my finances not only in my business but everyday life. Harriet gave us so much value and content to work through, as well as journaling exercises, budget templates and further reading. I had a lot of realisations during the course of why I treat money the way I do that was prompted from the questions Harriet asked. I feel so much more confident with my money now and I'm so thankful to Harriet and the work she does! "


Tina, Dapplepop Studio

Just imagine how it would feel to...


ūüíó¬†Embrace a newfound, healthy and abundant connection with your finances.

ūüíó Align your profits with purpose,¬†where¬†more wealth means more impact.

ūüíó Overcome money blocks, replacing fear with confidence.

ūüíó Find the sweet spot where¬†ethical practices meet profitable strategies.

ūüíó¬†Invest wisely in growth, fuelled by financial clarity and purpose.

ūüíó Enjoy a more stable and predictable income.

ūüíó Reap the financial rewards that match your dedication and passion.

ūüíó Make empowered, ethical spending decisions without compromising financial health.

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This is a 6-Week Immersive Self -Study Programme
A blend of taught sessions and accompanying resources to guide you on a transformative journey. 

  • MODULE 1: Cultivating A Financial Empowerment Mindset
  • MODULE 2: Demystifying & Moving Beyond Money Blocks
  • MODULE 3: Profits With A Pulse: Defying The Capitalist Carnage¬†
  • MODULE 4: Healing Individual & Collective Financial Trauma
  • MODULE 5: Holistic Approach To Budgets & Financial Planning
  • MODULE 6: The Intuitive CEO: Balancing Strategy with Soul

 You'll have lifetime access to every module, enabling you to revisit the content at your convenience.

Exclusive Course Materials:
Your learning will be supplemented with a rich array of resources. From guides, workbooks, to tailored templates, we've got you covered. These tools are designed to deepen your understanding and enhance your implementation. 

Access to Finance Learning Wonderland:
Experience full access to my Finance Learning Wonderland for the course duration. Dive deep into an expansive repository filled with finance masterclasses, workshops, resources, tools, and templates.

Expert Support:

Opportunity to book a 1:1 call with Harriet to explore topics together

Community & Connectivity:
The course is hosted on Kajabi, offering you a dedicated space to interact with and explore the odules. This supportive and private environment will be complemented by a Telegram channel, where you can ask questions and receive support.

Closing Call & Certificate of Completion:

As the transformative journey culminates, you'll  to enjoy a closing call, this is an opportunity to reflect, share insights, and celebrate your  progress.

And to acknowledge your dedication and achievements, you will be awarded a Certificate of Completion, a testament to the skills and knowledge you've acquired throughout the programme.



What's in each module?


We're going on a transformational journey!

Each module has been carefully curated to combine educational content with practical application for the heart-centered entrepreneur. First, you'll learn key concepts, then apply them through real-world exercises, ensuring a well-rounded understanding and immediate application to your business. For the insatiably curious, a treasure trove of additional readings and insights awaits.

Ready to explore?  Expand each section and discover more...

 Please note module content is subject to change and may vary from these initial outlines.

"The Brilliant budget is incredible!! I haven't really seen myself as a spreadsheet person but loved putting in my figures and getting so clear on breaking down every financial element in my life. It allowed me to focus on my 3-5 year goals and how I can achieve them, with the help of breaking down monthly and annual targets."



This could all be within your reach....


✅ Working fewer hours and savouring more free time and being more present for loved ones.

✅ Indulge in holidays and travel, enriching your life with new experiences.

✅ Planning for a comfortable retirement, ensuring future financial security.

✅ Pursuing further studies or passions that inspire you.

✅ Engaging in voluntary/pro bono work, giving more to causes close to your heart.

✅ Focusing fully on the impactful work you love, delegating day-to-day tasks.

✅ Leading a balanced life, where work enriches rather than depletes you.


I want this!

Who is this programme for?


If the very thought of finances usually makes you yearn to get back to what you truly love‚ÄĒbe it imagining, creating, designing, delivering¬†‚ÄĒ¬†then you're in the right place!

There is a good chance you work in one of the following areas: coaching, wellness and health professionals, photographers, content creators, designers, marketers, planning, startup founders, consultants, e-commerce, educators, trainers, freelancers, artisans, crafters (and more!)


You may well be someone who struggles to even call what you do a 'business' - given the icky connotations of what that means!


It's quite common for heart-led individuals to feel a disconnect when referring to their passion as a 'business.' The term might evoke images of cold corporate structures and profit-driven motives, which couldn't be further from your approach. You've woven your purpose, compassion, and authenticity into every thread of your work, making it feel like so much more than just a business. It's a calling, a mission to serve, and a path to impact lives positively. Now it's time to really drive forward with the power of ethical profits.


This is why Pathway to Profits with Purpose is designed with your unique perspective in mind, ensuring that you can thrive financially without compromising your core values.


This programme is tailored for:

The Passion-Driven

 Those who'd usually rather immerse themselves in their craft than get tangled in numbers but often feel held back by financial fears and frustrations.

The Purpose-Driven

 You might be super turned off by the idea of making profits (isn't that what nasty corporations do?) -  but imagine the impact of profits in your hands - fuelling your purpose, allowing you to thrive, influence, and sustain and achieve your mission.

Business Owners of All Kinds

Whether you're a solopreneur, freelancer, company director, CEO, founder, 'company of one', or a side-hustler there will be lots to take away and implement straight away.

At Every Stage Of The Journey

From those just embarking on their self employed journey, to seasoned business owners who have been in the game many a year, to those¬†juggling¬†employment with a personal venture‚ÄĒthere's something for everyone, with¬†lots of helpful and relatable insights!

With A Global Reach

While Harriet is based in Somerset, UK, this programme welcomes participants from across the globe and is delivered fully online. We won't be getting into the details on specific tax jurisdictions, so the majority of the content is going to be relevant and applicable regardless of where you're located. Simply convert the live class times from GMT to your local time zone (or watch back at your leisure). 

That's me.. I'm in!

"I love how joyful and easy it feels! Lots of insights and opportunities to reflect /find resonance. With fun/friendly slides and delivery"


Blissful Finance Workshop Attendee

"The way Harriet explained everything was perfect and she was so chilled about everything which I loved. Really informative but in simple terms. I could listen to Harriet talk about finance for hours!"

Guest Finance Q&A Session Attendee

We're¬†not just throwing numbers around and hoping for the best ūüėČ


I believe the world of finance should feel less drab and corporate, more approachable and friendly, but... I do come with a whole wealth of experience and credentials:

As an ICAEW Chartered Accountant (the Gold Standard) held the past 7+ years, Small Biz CFO and Finance Coach, I've got a track record of transforming visions into profitable realities, across a range of industries and from Start Ups (raising the big buck!) to SMEs and International Groups, I've been a trusted advisor, consultant and Fractional CFO. I've been in the trenches, helping creative and tech startups blossom, from crafting growth plans to building finance functions that can go the distance, and even securing that golden funding ticket, I've got the hands-on experience to prove it.


Guiding through transformation and change is central to my approach

I also have an academic background, with a First Class Degree and Distinction in my Masters in the areas of Business Strategy and Change Management, along with academic journal publications and speaking engagement accolades. And I have experience leading finance transformation and technical international accounting, having run projects for Fortune 500 companies and private equity-backed groups including integrating acquired businesses into international multinationals. With certifications in Prince 2, Lean Six Sigma, and Agile, I bring both financial and operational knowledge to the small business stage.


My true passion is helping business owners grow money-confident and positively thrive through accessible financial strategy

After a stint in the corporate world, I've circled back to my roots (and my real passion!) working with awesome small business owners and creative souls to make a lasting impact and pave the way for positive change. I've got a particular interest in for helping creative and neurodivergent founders navigate the financial maze and build ventures that are not just profitable but downright fabulous and perfectly aligned to their dreams and lifestyles.  


It's never been about crunching numbers for me...

My mission is clear: to transform the often intimidating world of finance into a friendly and approachable space to enable good people doing good things to thrive.  From my formative years, immersed in the start-up and social enterprise world as a University student, I am driven to empower purpose-driven entrepreneurs to build ventures that resonate with their dreams, aspirations, and lifestyles. Before venturing into the finance world, I had no interest in maths, I was much more of a creative dreamer, passionate about history, languages, writing, the arts, with a stubborn, rebellious in early education.. From this, I naturally have an affinity for assisting creative and neurodivergent founders, helping them navigate the financial labyrinth with clarity and confidence.


A refreshingly holistic approach to money topics

Harriet has just completed the revolutionary¬†Trauma of Money‚ĄĘ Practitioner Certification to widen her skills, and bring a more trauma-informed and holistic approach into the mix.¬†

On the coaching and mentoring side, Harriet is a Member of the Association of Business Mentors, Level 5 CMI Certified Coach/Mentor, and currently  undertaking the rigorous ILM Level 7 Executive Coaching & Mentoring Certification.

Harriet is also a Mentor for a number of respected entrepreneurial and start up programmes, including the Help To Grow Scheme and the Natwest Business Accelerator. 

I'm on this journey with you...

Oh and don't think just because I have the background, education and experience in finance that I've got it all figured out with my money... I will be sharing my own story, my relationship with money, my fears, my blocks, what I have done to overcome them and what is still a work in progress!


Welcome to a world where finance feels approachable, inclusive, and oh-so empowering! ūüíę

"Since finishing the course I have been reviewing all my product pricing and also sending out updated pricing sheets to my clients so that I am now being paid for my time properly and not pulling quotes from the air in fear and panic."




You've probably experienced sleepless nights worrying about your business finances, unsure what to do for the best. Simultaneously, you've felt that pang of desire to contribute more, to infuse more purpose into every business move.

The Pathway To Purposeful Profits Programme is for business owners who:

  • Yearn to infuse purpose into their ventures amidst financial anxieties.
  • Dream of harmoniously aligning profits with a deeper cause.
  • Seek actionable and holistic financial guidance over generic advice.
  • Desire a community where passion, compassion, and finance converge.
  • Have some big goals and dreams, yet the finance-side feel overwhelming.
  • Are ready to challenge norms and craft a value-rooted, soulful financial strategy.


There are countless business finance courses out there, but our program is unique. It's crafted from years of experience, real-life successes, and a deep understanding of the holistic entrepreneurial journey. Instead of just presenting financial strategies, we delve deep into the heart and soul of your business, ensuring every financial decision aligns with your deeper purpose.

Yes that's me!

Empowering Financial Wellbeing Through Trauma-Informed Insights 


I am deeply committed to integrating financial well-being with trauma-informed insights. I'm currently undergoing an intensive practitioner certification in The Trauma Of Money Method‚ĄĘ. This approach delves into the frameworks for healing both collective and individual traumas to foster financial safety and well-being, emphasising the neurobiology of trauma and its profound effects on our financial behaviours.

The training seeks to debunk societal myths about money, assisting us in identifying our own financial narratives and understanding the nuances of financial disorders. It also brings to the forefront crucial social justice issues related to money, such as the racial wealth gap and the lasting imprints of colonisation and capitalism. Central to this training is the 'Polyvagal theory' (understanding how our nervous system responds to safety and danger, and how this can impact our financial behaviours, especially in stressful situations) and the incorporation of somatic practices for emotional regulation. As I continue to learn, I am actively weaving these invaluable insights into my teaching and coaching style.

Instead of punitive measures, it seeks to understand the underlying reasons for behaviours, asking "What happened to you?" rather than "What's wrong with you?", aiming to nurture resilience and holistic growth despite past traumas.

A trauma-informed approach to teaching recognises that traumatic experiences can deeply impact a participant's ability to engage and learn.This framework:

Prioritises Safety: Creates an environment where participants feel physically and psychologically secure.
Builds Trust: Ensures consistency, clarity, and transparency in interactions.
Encourages Peer Support: Uses group activities and team-building to foster supportive relationships among participants.
Fosters Collaboration: Engages participants in decisions, seeking their feedback and adjusting based on their needs.
Empowers Participants: Values their voice, recognising their strengths, and giving them choices in their learning journey.
Respects Diversity: Is sensitive to cultural, historical, and gender nuances, adapting facilitation styles accordingly.


Disclaimer: While this teaching approach is trauma-informed and prioritises the well-being and safety of participants, it is not a substitute for professional therapeutic or psychological support. If you or someone you know is dealing with trauma or any other emotional and mental challenges, please seek assistance from a licensed therapist or mental health professional.

"I really enjoyed the journalling and reflections, even outside of the lessons. So many past experiences were brought to the surface and I thought about my experience with money so much over the weeks I was learning".


Embark on our one-of-a-kind programme at an exclusive introductory rate, as we integrate new learning and insights around healing money blocks through a trauma-informed, compassionate approach.



One-Time Investment £190 + VAT


  • Structured 6-Week Journey
  • Exclusive Content & Resources
  • Bonus Access to Finance Learning Wonderland
  • 1:1 Integration call

For each person enrolled £10 will be donated directly to Doctors Without Borders amplifying our collective impact.

Exclusive 50% discount available for my Mini CFO clients (ask me for the code!)




Two-Time Investment £95 + VAT


  • Structured 6-Week Journey
  • Exclusive Content & Resources
  • Bonus Access to Finance Learning Wonderland
  • 1:1 Integration call

For each person enrolled £10 will be donated directly to Doctors Without Borders amplifying our collective impact.

Exclusive 50% discount available for my Mini CFO clients (ask me for the code!)



If you aren’t completely satisfied after completing the first module, we'll give you for a full refund. No questions asked.

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