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Finance Advice Consultation


This is a value-packed Feel-Good Finance Advice session with Harriet


You go away with clarity, a savvy plan of action and a spring in your step! 💫
Investment: £240 (£200 + VAT)


Warning: outcomes might just be life changing 🪄


From confusion to financial peace of mind in 60 minutes!


Have you got finance questions swirling around in your head? Perhaps you are wondering if your business is structured right? Puzzled about pricing? Confused about expenses, paying yourself, or managing your money? 

Or are you at a pivotal point in your business ready to embrace some changes?

Well, worry no more! Our finance consultation sessions are here to tackle all your concerns and queries head-on. Say goodbye to confusion and hello to confidence with a clear action plan in hand and a spring in your step.

These sessions are for everyone, whether you're a full-time business owner, side hustler, freelancer, solo-preneur, or start-up founder.

Exciting news!

Our one-off session is priced at just £240 (£200 + VAT),  it's the most value-packed and accessible way to work with Harriet 1:1 right now!


But that's not all! If you sign up for one of our Mini CFO Strategic Finance & Accountancy retainers within the next 90 days, we'll credit you £100 towards your first invoice.

It's a win-win!


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Joyfully enter the next phase in your business journey with financial clarity & good vibes! 🪩



To make the most out of your session, it's beneficial to share some upfront information, then it's just a few small steps to financial clarity & success:

  • Follow the booking link and complete the pre session questionnaire and send me any additional information below. This way, I'll come to our session well-informed about your business situation and ready to dive straight into helping you.
  • Prepare for a feel-good finance consultation with me via Zoom, where we'll delve into your questions, discuss options, and provide solutions.
  • Shortly after the session, you'll receive an advice summary of our discussion, along with a clear action plan and any additional resources mentioned during our talk.
  • With the opportunity to ask me follow up questions for the next week.
  • You can then choose to implement the advice right away or take advantage of our special offer: book additional advice sessions at 25% off!


When your business is financially thriving, you get to do more of the things you love 💗


 Let's go! 💫



STEP 1 🌟

Say yes to thriving!

Follow the link to get booked in and choose a time that suits you. 

STEP 2 🌟

Let the life changing insights begin

 As we have our value packed Finance Consultation on Zoom.

STEP 3 🌟

There's even more...

You receive a written advice note and finance action plan to bring it all to life!

Along with access to ask Harriet follow up questions.

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Hi, I'm Harriet 


"I know finances can feel hard and scary when you have a creative spirit. I believe no one should feel shame when it comes to managing their numbers... so let's get thriving!"


 I am dedicated to financially empowering entrepreneurs to achieve their goals, in business & life ,and make a positive impact through feel good finance advice and services. I support you every step of the way with practical and down-to-earth financial expertise.

My mission is to help business owners establish strong financial foundation that enable you to live a life of abundance and security. So you can focus on what you do best, live your dreams and create a positive impact for yourself and your loved ones.

There is no judgement. We start exactly where you are, and no question is ever too small or silly to askTogether, we work towards building a sustainable financial future that aligns with your values and empowers you to achieve your ambitions in business and life.

No more fretting and avoidance... I am here to guide you through the process helping you achieve peace of mind with your financial situation.

The technical bit:

Harriet brings a wealth of experience as a CFO, ICAEW Chartered Accountant, Mentor and Business Growth Specialist with a background advising SMEs, start ups and scale ups and leading finance transformation projects for Fortune 500/ PE backed international groups along with an academic background in Business Change.

She is committed to supporting small business owners to live the good life with profits purpose, healthy cashflows and positive vibes! Through Feel Good CFO & Accountancy Services through Below The Line Finance Chartered Accountants and Business Advisors and finance training via the Get Number Savvy Platform.

She has a particular interest in supporting creative and neurodivergent business owners, and is undertaking professional certification in a trauma informed approach to financial management.

Regulated by the ICAEW as a Registered Chartered Accountancy Practice, a Member of the Association of Business Mentors (Level 7 Coaching 7 Mentoring) and a Certified Xero Advisor you are in credible hands.

Read more about Harriet Formby MA ACA 

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Fabulous feedback from a Finance Consultation with Harriet:


 "The consultation exceeded my expectations. Harriet was so knowledgeable and has a skill for breaking down the most complicated aspects of Self Employed finances into easy to understand chunks. Everything was well thought out, from having me complete a form before the session so she had a good grasp of my business before we spoke, to a detailed summary of our discussion written down and sent through to shortly after our meeting.


I loved that I could use the session to ask all the niggling questions I've had in the back of my mind for so long about self-employed finances. Nobody in my family or friendship circle is self-employed so I've been guessing my way up until now, but an hour with Harriet has massively increased my confidence.


I appreciated the PDF sent through by Harriet shortly after our meeting summarising everything we spoke about. It meant I didn't have to worry about taking notes or losing anything within our discussion, and it's great to now have a set of clear actions to take forward" 


Sioned, Mwydro

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To book in simply follow the link , to select a suitable time and date for our session and complete the pre meeting questionnaire.

I'll get to work reading your answers, and any additional info you shared with me, so I am all briefed and ready to help you thrive with your business finances! 🎉

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