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To follow your passion, change the world and live the good life!

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Are you ready to have more freedom, more time and more money?



Hey there wonderful, passionate and creative business owner... following your calling and putting your heart and soul into your venture!

You aspire to achieve scale, impact, financial stability and the dream lifestyle but sorting our the numbers side of business is weighing you down.

You find yourself avoiding looking at your business numbers, confused by them, not quite where you want to be but stuck on how to move forward?

Do you long for a business that works in harmony with the type of life you want to lead?

What impact would you make if you were empowered by your business numbers?


"I love how joyful and easy it feels! Lots of insights and opportunities to reflect /find resonance. With fun/friendly slides and delivery"


"The way Harriet explained everything was perfect and she was so chilled about everything which I loved. Really informative but in simple terms. I could listen to Harriet talk about finance for hours!"

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I am here to guide you each step of the way with all things finance

Through low cost, accessible and relatable finance resources, training and step-by-step support and advice.


Imagine if you knew exactly how to deal with your business numbers so you could concentrate on building your dreams.

Imagine not being scared to open your bank account because you knew money flowed abundantly... so you could focus on your creations.

Imagine having fully alined financial goals, budgets and plans that would cultivate profitable growth.

With straight forward jargon-free finance know-how at your finger tips. Designed to be accessible for numbers-adverse brains, the neurodivergent and creatives, the people who don't naturally warm to finances.

Let's grow together and take positive, proactive, number savvy step to craft your dream venture!

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Online Courses for Business Owners 

Our first course, Pathway To Profits With Purpose, is now available as a self study programme!

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'Power Hour Style': Finance Advice Consultations

Bring your queries & frustrations, go away with clarity, confidence and a profitable action plan!

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 3 Month CFO Container 

Tap into commercially savvy finance know-how and expertise tailored to you and your unique business.

Create a thoughtful financial road map that brings your business dreams to life! ūüíę

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Finance Template Shop

Our user friendly digital financial tools and templates help small business owners and founders confidently navigate their business numbers covering  key financial areas -  cashflow forecasting, financial reporting, budgeting, expense management and more being added...


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Mini CFO: Strategic Finance & Accountancy Retainers

We provide ongoing support and consultancy to help you and your business to thrive.

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Mini CFO Services

Finance For Equine & Canine Based Business Owners

A tailored course especially for business owners who work in the equine and canine industry 

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Get Number Savvy - For Young Entrepreneurs

Business finance training especially for creative and neurodivergent children and young adults with entrepreneurial ambitions.

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