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Financial empowerment to shake things up, bring light to the world, and positively change the game for conscious creators 🌍


To equip purposeful founders & biz owners with the financial know-how to scale their vision with abundant profits, purpose, healthy cashflows & good vibes ✨




Curious & Flexible

Actively exploring new ideas, posing meaningful questions, and seamlessly adapting to diverse situations. Questioning the status quo to see if there’s a better way. Approaching innovation with an open mind.

Learning & Growing

Not just confined to a classroom or workshop; it's ingrained in our daily interactions, projects, and challenges. Always seeking opportunities for knowledge expansion, skill refinement, and personal development. 

Conscious & Collaborative

Infusing heightened awareness and intentionality in everything I do. Approaching our work and relationships with a conscious understanding of the impact we have on our surroundings, stakeholders, and the broader world.

Inclusive & Accepting

Cultivating an inviting environment where everyone can experience inclusion and acceptance of their authentic selves. That being said; I unequivocally denounce racism, discrimination, and any semblance of harm within my community.

Hi There 



It's an absolute delight to meet you...

As your go-to Fractional CFO, ICAEW Chartered Accountant, Business Mentor, and Finance Coach, I'm all about empowering you to transform your purpose-driven entrepreneurial journey into a financial success story - with a healthy sprinkle of feel-good vibes! ✨

My passion is all about helping conscious & creative entrepreneurs to not just survive but thrive with their business numbers, turning healthy profits and cash flows into your superpowers for positive impact. 

Whether you are a founder, creator, or small business owner, you'll find plenty of support and resources here, so you can say goodbye to the money fears and create strong financial foundations that fit your unique business and lifestyle!

So step into this inclusive and supportive environment where you can turn your wildest business dreams into a glistening reality 💫

 Harriet Formby MA ACA (Pronouns: She/Her)

ICAEW Chartered Accountant

8 Years PQE & Practicing Certificate Holder

Business Strategist

First Class & Distinction. Published Research & Academic Speaker


Level 7 ILM Executive Business Coach

Mentor for Help To Grow & Natwest Business Accelerator




I believe the world of finance should feel less drab and corporate, more approachable and friendly, but... I do come with a wealth of experience...

I'm not just throwing numbers around and hoping for the best 😉, as an ICAEW Chartered Accountant (the Gold Standard), Fractional CFO and Finance Coach, I've got a track record of transforming visions into profitable realities, across a range of industries and from Start Ups (raising the big buck!) to SMEs and International Groups, I've been a trusted advisor, consultant and CFO. I've been in the trenches, helping creative and tech startups blossom, from crafting growth plans to building finance functions that can go the distance, and even securing that golden funding ticket, I've got the hands-on experience to prove it.

I also have an academic background, with a First Class Degree and Distinction in my Masters in Business Strategy and Change Management, along with academic journal publications and speaking engagement accolades. And I have experience leading finance transformation and technical international accounting, having run projects for Fortune 500 companies and private equity-backed groups including integrating acquired businesses into international multinationals. With certifications in Prince 2, Lean Six Sigma, and Agile, I bring both financial and operational knowledge to the small business stage.

After a stint in the corporate world, I've circled back to my roots (and my real passion!) working with mission-led founders to make a lasting impact. I've got a soft spot for helping creative and neurodivergent founders navigate the financial maze and build ventures that are not just profitable but downright fabulous and perfectly aligned to their dreams, lifestyles and impact goals.

That's why I've made it my mission to help business owners grow money-confident and positively thrive with their finances!

On the coaching and mentoring side, I am a Member of the Association of Business Mentors and I have attained my ILM Level 7 in Executive Coaching & Mentoring.

I belief in a holistic approach so I  recently became a Trauma of Money™ Certified Practitioner bringing a more trauma-informed approach into talking about money, a highly emotive topic, and to help heal our collective money trauma.


For the part about why on Earth I got into accountancy, scroll down a bit...


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With a focus on delivering accessible and affordable finance expertise, I am dedicated to supporting ambitious startups, scale-ups, and established businesses. As an outsourced or Fractional CFO and Business Mentor, I provide a personal and relatable service through my Below The Line Finance: Chartered Accountancy Practice.

I am committed to educating creative entrepreneurs on numbers, which is why I developed Get Number Savvy™, this finance training initiative that empowers creative & neurodivergent business owners to confidently manage their finances through online courses, guides, training, resources and more.

My latest initiative, Mini CFO™, is a unique subscription-based solution that combines bespoke CFO expertise and (where required) accountancy compliance. With dedicated expertise for sustainable finances, and healthy, profitable growth, Mini CFO™ offers peace of mind and highly personal support to thrive.

As a Registered Chartered Accountancy Practice regulated by the ICAEW and a Certified Xero Advisor, you can rest assured that you are in safe hands.

(p.s. I just worked out how to add gifs 😁) 

Find out more on Mini CFO

"Whenever I talk to Harriet about things that are troubling me with our business finances I feel so much better! She always has a reassuring and practical plan of action and really cares about our success."


"I sleep better at night knowing we now have our cashflow under control and a profitable budget in place thanks to Harriet. I wish I'd started working with her sooner!"



The Logical And Intuitive Intersection



Also, a surprising insight I suppose is I have never had any interest in maths... In fact it still surprises me, that I am a Chartered Accountant. 

As it was only when I was a student and taking an interest in entrepreneurship that I discovered an interesting link that accounting could be useful. Seriously who knew?

I was so taken with the idea of entrepreneurship at that point, I founded a student enterprise society, took part in a student version of the Apprentice, and got involved in all kinds of grass-roots small business and not for profit networking and initiatives (and started doing consulting and extra internships and research alongside studies). Oh and ask me about the time I spontaneously pitched to the Vice Chancellor for money to build a radical new global student movement,  if we're ever talking about pitching for finance because that was an interesting endeavour!

Anyway it was at this time that I discovered finance wasn't just some boring school necessity with no real point to it. (I actually quite vocally felt most of my prior education was pointless until I found and loved my degree course.)

Until I realised that could use finance skills to help some amazing, creative founders and business owners to innovate, build their dreams and scale ventures that created positive world-changing impact. Suddenly it seemed worth the effort of the Chartered Accountancy route to pursue this and help more! 

I got through the intensity of the exams by immersing myself in really interesting finance work on the more creative, purposeful, forward-looking aspects of accounting and finance, by partnering with some really cool start-ups raising funds and doing epic things. I am sure that if I had been on an accountancy training contract in a big firm doing what I was told in something like audit... I probably wouldn't have lasted a week! So it was a lucky alignment for me (that i am truly grateful for)

And now I existing in a unique intersection, where the logical world of finance meets the boundless creative world of potential. With one foot firmly planted in the realm of numbers, budgets, and strategic financial planning, and the other in the intuitive, ethereal dream world of game changing ideas, and artistic expression, I embody a the blend of pragmatic vision.

My calling is to serve as a bridge, translating the world of money and finances to enable heart-led change makers to realising their purpose-led visions in a financially abundant framework that reimagines capitalism with more fair and equitable outcomes.

I tell this story so you know that my main interest in finance is (not in getting excited about a new tax book or technical accounting terms), it's how I can use my finance skills and expertise to help more purposeful business owners succeed. And that's also what drives me to innovate and get creative in my own business offering.


My Why


My recent personal goals have been about developing my own 15 acre small holding bordering ancient woodland with a meandering stream running across the boundary. Recently taken out of arable farming to transform with tree and orchard planting (over 3,000 native trees), introduction of rare breed poultry, dartmoor ponies and a haven for rehabilitating and training ex-racehorses. There is quite the herd of horses now (don't ask how many 🙈) ... and a very small flock of pet sheep; Bluebell, Violet and Woody.

Despite all the chaos and farm related jobs... this is my WHY! And of course serves as my reminder to be kind to nature, get plenty of fresh air and work in a sustainable way - as I have a cosy little remote office space based here.

A dog walk or ride around the site, listening to bird song and watching the wild deer grazing with Red Kites souring overhead – helps solves many problems… clears the mind and is a favoured way to facilitate thinking and decision making (unless I'm preoccupied with chatty Meg the lakeland terrier or wondering where Oz the border collie has zoomed-off to now) 🐕

And one down side of all the outside time is you might catch me talking often of (read complaining about) the weather and the long winters! ❄️



Giving Our Time To Our Community 

Harriet dedicates many hours each month as a voluntary mentor to business owners on a range of programmes including the Help To Grow Scheme and The Natwest Business Accelerator. Her dedication extends to mentoring ICAEW students, embodying a commitment to nurturing growth and fostering learning opportunities.

Over the years Harriet has served as a Trustee for a variety of charities, most recently for the Cotswold Riding For Disabled Association. And we offer a generous discount to clients who are Not For Profit Organisations.

Harriet offers a series of free finance workshops and resources to offer quality support and insights more widely, which are designed to be particularly accessible for creative and neurodivergent business owners. You can discover more on this by visiting our training platform: Get Number Savvy.

Environmental Impact 

At Below The Line Finance, we operate primarily as a virtual business, significantly reducing our travel footprint. Our investment in remote technology and a low-energy off-grid office in the lush Somerset countryside reflects our dedication to eco-friendly practices. Tucked into our meadow, reclaimed from intensive arable farming and surrounded by ancient woodland, this space serves as a haven for diverse wildlife, including red kites, otters, newts, and even glow worms.

Our commitment to conservation is further evidenced by the presence of rare breed poultry and Dartmoor ponies, who live in harmony with our herd of retired ex-racehorses. Undertaking an ambitious tree planting initiative, we’ve contributed to the environment by planting thousands of native trees and establishing a traditional Somerset orchard featuring unique old apple varieties.

At the core of our mission is supporting conscious businesses with a purpose—organisations that prioritise the environment, social impact and local communities. We are proud to align our services with clients who share our commitment to creating positive change.



Below The Line Finance, Our Name Explained…


Why ‘Below The Line Finance’?  You may ask!

Harriet explains…

When I founded this business, I aimed to infuse meaning into its name. ‘Below the Line’ is a term commonly tossed around in finance and business, often linked to cost treatment in P&L reports (so fairly apt in the financial sense!). However, my interpretation is that the real magic happens ‘Below The Line’—it’s where a conscious business owner’s ‘why’ resides.

Your ‘why’ is the driving force behind what you do, the unique purpose your venture serves, the sustaining element of your journey—Profit, People, and Planet. 💰👭 🌎

While the ‘Above The Line’ aspects matter—sales and gross profits that fuel the Below The Line magic—exploring what’s beneath allows you to shape your venture with a crystal-clear purpose.

With practical and strategic financial insights, I’m here to empower you through finance, helping you create and build your vision with profit and purpose. 📈

In a delightful twist of fate, one of my significant ‘whys’ is my nature project ‘Below Line Meadow’ (because it is literally a meadow in a valley below an old railway line) —a smallholding embracing ancient woodland and a meandering stream. 🌳 🌲 🏞

What was once intensive arable farmland is now a sanctuary for a vast tree planting initiative, retired ex-racehorses, Dartmoor ponies, rare breed poultry, and a plethora of wildlife, from red kites and deer to otters. 🐴 🦅 🐓

I am fueled by a passion to help you scale your venture with both profits and purpose. That’s why we kick off with your ‘why’—aligning your business growth with purpose! 🙌”

And here is a little visual representation of the magic that happens ‘Below The Line’….


 All Things Astrology 

A few key elements from Harriet's natal chart (in case you're curious!)

And if Human Design captivates you, Harriet is a 2/4 Splenic Projector.

Sun Sign: Libra


Rising Sign: Taurus


Moon Sign: Scorpio


North Node: 


12th House: Pisces 


Introducing Pegasus, our emblem at 'Get Number Savvy.' As a symbol of financial empowerment, this mythical flying horse embodies transformation, wisdom, and courage on the creative journey—igniting positive change and mastery in the enchanting pursuit of financial growth. Allow Pegasus to grant wings, lifting your profits to new heights, transforming the understanding of numbers into a magical art, and crafting financial wisdom into a masterpiece tailored especially for conscious & diverse creatives.

Get Number Savvy Palette


captivating, deep lavender  

The captivating, deep lavender unveils a deeper layer of our brand identity representing our commitment to creativity, intuition, and financial transformation. Resonating with the essence of our brand, echoing the harmonious blend of knowledge and imagination.

This unique colour not only symbolises wisdom and inspiration but also signifies our dedication to an innovative and visionary approach. This distinctive hue creates a balanced palette, mirroring our commitment to financial empowerment within the realms of nature and creative exploration.

lush, mossy green  

The lush, mossy green is more than just a shade; it's a visual representation of our commitment to financial wisdom, growth, and tranquility, all harmonising with nature. This earthy hue not only symbolises positive change and trust but also embodies our dedication to an environmentally conscious approach.

By choosing a colour reminiscent of nature, we aim to foster a connection between financial empowerment and the natural world, creating an environment where conscious learning thrives.