Finance Workshops & Masterclasses 

Numbers can feel hard and scary when you're a creative founder. But it doesn't have to be that way!


Introducing practical & down to Earth trainings, with  financial guidance and practical, compassionate support tailored especially for creative & conscious minds.

Designed to help you feel seen, find peace with money and live your best life as you follow your purpose with nourishing profits, healthy cashflows and good vibes.

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How would it feel to finally stop freaking out about finances?

Harriet will support you to Get Number Savvy through a joyful approach to understanding money topics to thrive.

What people say...

"I love how joyful and easy it feels! Lots of insights and opportunities to reflect /find resonance. With fun/friendly slides and delivery"

Blissful Finance Workshop Attendee

"The way Harriet explained everything was perfect and she was so chilled about everything which I loved. Really informative but in simple terms. I could listen to Harriet talk about finance for hours!"

Guest Finance Q&A Session Attendee

"This workshop was so useful... it made me excited to get organised with my finances!"

Finance Routines Workshop Attendee

WORKSHOP: Down To Earth Finance Routines For Purpose-Driven Creators

An Empowering Workshop on Impactful Money Practices for Heart-Led Free Spirits

Join us on 6 March 2024 on Zoom 1-2.30PM GMT (or catch the replay)
During the workshop we'll explore:

🙌 What to actually do on a monthly basis to create an aligned routine for finances that feels good and helps you keep track

🙌 How to set up your bank accounts for clarity and success

🙌 Managing your money when income arrives sporadically

🙌 Making the most of tax savings, and worrying less about HMRC

The workshop will be gentle, informative and immediately actionable and you can expect:

🥰 A relaxing somatic practice
🥰 Simple actionable tips and guidance
🥰 Journalling to enhance impact
🥰 Practical exercises
🥰 Templates, checklists & extras to take away


INVESTMENT: £36 (£30 + VAT).

Includes £5 donation to Doctors Without Borders

And remember if you have access to my Finance Learning Wonderland 🛼 (1:1 clients and course participants) you’re already in for free 👍


Neurodivergent Finance Workshop Series



Blissful Small Biz Finance Workshops

Especially for Numbers-Adverse Brains!

 An inclusive and neurodivergent-friendly workshop series designed  for busy, creative minds 😫🧠🌶️🤩

A fresh take on my previous classes, evolving with your input and feedback for a unique and enjoyable experience that will transform how you feel about business numbers!

This series is delivered through three 40 minute workshops:

  Workshop 1: Spicy Small Biz Finance Routines - Turning The Mundane ‘should dos’ Into Magic 🪄
Workshop 2: Money Mindset Makeover - From Feeling Freaked Out by Finances To Thrive As Your Own Boss ✨


 Workshop 3: Budgeting Brilliance - Creative Finance Planning To Bring Your Amm-azing Biz Ideas To Life 🙌


 Buy Recordings & Resources £36 (£30 + VAT)

"I know finances can feel hard and scary. But don't worry, I am here to support you every step of the way with my practical and down-to-earth financial expertise"

I am hosting regular  workshops and masterclasses to financially empower creative entrepreneurs, to achieve your goals and make a positive impact

By creating a strong financial foundation you can be best equipped to live a fulfilled life of abundance and security.

There is no judgement and no question is ever too small or silly to ask. So join in the conversation in the facebook group.


Harriet Formby ACA is Fractional CFO, ICAEW Chartered Accountant & Holistic Finance Educator behind Below The Line Finance & Get Number Savvy

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 Finance Masterclasses 


All replays & resources now available in the Finance Learning Wonderland 

Freelancers: Let's Create a Finance System That Actually Works! 

Learn a simple monthly system to manage your business finances and eliminate the stress of tax returns including:

🌟Habit forming practices that work around you

🌟Quick and simple hacks to manage day to day finances

🌟Monthly task checklist to stay on track for a stress free tax return

🌟Maximise tax deductibles by knowing what you can expense (and a little on the fiddly bits)

🌟Don’t currently use software? Use my simple spreadsheet tracker that you get free for attending! Along with a whole bunch of resources...

Buy Recording & Resources £24 (£20 + VAT)


Money Mindset for Creative Entrepreneurs


We delve into the psychology and practical tips of transforming our money mindset as creative business owners. In this masterclass we covered:

🌟Origins of our money mindset through 'money scripts' psychology

🌟Simple swaps to reframing our money talk

🌟Simple tips to spring cleaning your banking and finances

🌟A look at how to 'backwards budget' including a free google sheet workbook to have a go yourself.

Buy Recording & Resources £24 (£20 + VAT)


Scaling Your Small Business: Achieving Aligned Growth Without Working 24/7

We talk about ways to scale that align with your unique aspirations and dreams and importantly allow you freedom to do what you set out to do! We will challenge what’s ‘normal’ for your line of work or industry and come up with something better for ourselves than following ‘rules’ for the sake of it!

In this masterclass we will cover:
🌟Reflections, goals and business planning

🌟Aligning your service offering and pricing

🌟Use of systems & technology to automate & outsource

🌟 Contracts & setting boundaries (and more!)

Buy Recording & Resources £24 (£20 + VAT)


Navigating Grant Funding - All The Numbers Bits

This is not to be missed if you plan on applying for some grant funding in the future and want to ensure your numbers support your business case for receiving the funding so you can bring that awesome project idea to life.

In this masterclass we will cover:
🌟Funding options for small business owners

🌟Tracking down suitable grant funds to apply to

🌟 Letting the numbers tell the story

🌟 Savvy grant number's tips and avoiding common pitfalls

I will be sharing my experience both from a perspective of having supported my clients to successfully apply for and manage a range of grants.

And uniquely I have been on the 'other side of the table', representing grant issuing bodies - reviewing applicants and stress testing their numbers and business cases.

Buy Recording & Resources £24 (£20 + VAT)


Mastering The Art of Pricing & Profitability

I know getting into the details of pricing and profits freaks you out... 😨 But not addressing it also keeps you awake at night! 😩

So let's change things up and approach it a little more creatively! ⚡

Join me for the masterclass about exactly this where we will cover:

⭐ I hate numbers, where do I even start?
⭐ The Cost vs. Value rollercoaster
⭐ When hourly rates go wrong and how to fix it
⭐ How putting profits first will change your life!
⭐ Steal my magic pricing calculator

Buy Recording & Resources £24 (£20 + VAT)


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