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We invite you to choose with intention. Our offerings — be they templates, courses or consultations — are crafted to enrich your business journey, not to press upon you with the urgency of scarcity. As you consider a purchase, we suggest a pause to reflect:

  1. Purposeful Acquisition: Ask yourself, "How will this resource serve my objectives? Is it a stepping stone towards my goals or an impulse driven by the moment?"

  2. Emotional Check-In: Recognise any impetus to act swiftly. Our offer suite is curated with care, ensuring that the opportunities for enhancement is always available when you are truly ready.

Take the time you require to decide with confidence and peace of mind, ensuring any choices are an aligned match.

Digital Templates & Products 

We have carefully created  user-friendly financial tools and templates to help business owners and founders  confidently navigate their business numbers.

Thoughtfully priced to be accessible for business owners on a budget.

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 Transformational Finance Courses & Training Resources



WORKSHOP: Down To Earth Finance Routines For Purpose-Driven Creators

£30 + VAT

An Empowering Workshop on Impactful Money Practices for Heart-Led Free Spirits

Join us on 6 March 2024  1-2.30PM GMT

On Zoom (or catch the replay)


During the workshop we'll explore:

🙌 What to actually do on a monthly basis to create an aligned routine for finances that feels good and helps you keep track

🙌 How to set up your bank accounts for clarity and success

🙌 Managing your money when income arrives sporadically

🙌 Making the most of tax savings, and worrying less about HMRC

The workshop will be gentle, informative and immediately actionable and you can expect:

🥰 A relaxing somatic practice
🥰 Simple actionable tips and guidance
🥰 Journalling to enhance impact
🥰 Practical exercises
🥰 Templates, checklists & extras to take away

INVESTMENT: £36 (£30 + VAT).

Includes £5 donation to Doctors Without Borders

And remember if you have access to my Finance Learning Wonderland 🛼 (1:1 clients and course participants) you’re already in for free 👍

SELF STUDY COURSE: Pathway To Profits With Purpose

£190 + VAT

Flourish Financially: From Confusion to Confidence, Disillusioned to Aligned 💫


This is a 6-Week Immersive Programme

Embark on a Holistic Journey to Purposeful Profits. Revolutionising Your Money Mindset, Healing Financial Wounds, and Amplifying Your Impact.

Delivered through a series of video training sessions, and additional materials, workbooks and resources covering:

  • MODULE 1: Cultivating A Financial Empowerment Mindset 
  • MODULE 2: Demystifying & Moving Beyond Money Blocks
  • MODULE 3: Profits With A Pulse: Defying The Capitalist Carnage 
  • MODULE 4: Healing Individual & Collective Financial Trauma 
  • MODULE 5: Holistic Approach To Budgets & Financial Planning 
  • MODULE 6: The Intuitive CEO: Balancing Strategy with Soul 


  • Exclusive Course Materials
  • 1:1 Integration call
  • Exclusive Access to Finance Learning Wonderland
  • Community & Connectivity
  • Closing Call & Certificate of Completion


 Bespoke 1:1 Support with Harriet


Navigating Numbers to Fuel Your Success 

Partner with Harriet Formby MA ACA to get curious about your business numbers and spark your success with expert financial insights and advice and tailored support. Invest in laser focused 1:1 services and go forward with confidence and clarity.

Power Hour: Finance Advice Consultation

£275 + VAT

From confusion to financial peace of mind!

  • Clear your financial fog, as we delve into your questions and concerns about your business finances.
  • These sessions are perfect if, for example, you are wondering about the best business structure, puzzled about pricing, confused about expenses, paying yourself, or managing your money and more.
  • Embark on a clarifying 90 minute session where we discuss options and give you solutions and go away with a spring in your step
  • Go away with instant clarity, session recording along with a Mini Action and opportunity to book an integration chat.
  • These sessions are for everyone; where you are a full time business owner, side hustler, solopreneur, freelancer or founder.

The investment is £275 + VAT (£330).


Mini CFO: 3 Month Container

From £1,500 + VAT

Together we will plan, problem solve and imagine To craft a detailed financial roadmap that turns your boldest dreams into a sparkling profitable reality ! 💫

Components of the journey:

  • A thoughtfully designed initial questionnaire and welcome call..
  • We embark on 6 deep-dive strategic finance planning session to craft a profitable roadmap that will bring your dreams to life and transform your relationship with money.
  • Access to chat with Harriet and message for support between sessions.


  • Access to my Finance Learning Wonderland packed with resources, training videos and helpful templates.
  • Access to my Pathway Profits With Purpose Programme  materials (6 week online course).
  • Special welcome gift in post (UK clients).

The investment starts from £1,500 + VAT.

The first step is to arrange a chat.


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Harriet offers a range of Fractional CFO, Accountancy & business advisory services along with coaching and mentoring. Arrange a chat to discover more and customise a solution. 


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